(a sporadic diary of life with our daughters and updates on my fourth pregnancy)

Monday, January 7, 2008


Well, my ultrasound was fun. The tech thought I was 10 weeks, so she tried to do a vaginal ultrasound. That didn't work out so well. When she finally did the belly one, I got to see my beautiful question mark. She refused to speculate on the sex of number 4, but I think I saw some parts that I didn't see on numbers 1-3. Her only comment regarding gender fueled my fire. She said that sometimes girly bits are swollen and look like boy bits. None of my girls ever looked like that. It's cool either way. I know how to do girls, but having a junior would be cool. Numbers 1-3 don't know that I am in a family way, yet. No-one does. It will make it more fun when we go to our parents within the next few weeks. I really am not showing. They will all think I've had one too many tacos. Hah!

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