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Saturday, January 26, 2008


So, I don't know about you, but I heart craigslist. We buy and sell EVERYTHING via this awesome site. Kitchen Table, check. House we live in, check. Well, I seriously could go on until this baby comes, but really you get the idea. Anywho, we are flying back east to go to my sis-in-law's wedding next month. Bee is the flowergirl and I am the Mother of the flowergirl. That means I won't be fading into the wallpaper. I am pregs with my 4th and I think I look pretty darn good. I am 18 weeks and I am still in my 4's (albeit with the button rubberbanded, but my thighs still fit). Forgive me if I go too far, but I want people to comment on how I "was put on this earth to make babies". The thing is really cute, fancy maternity clothes cost as much as an epidural. Should I go the craigslist route for a dress that I will wear once or should I splurge... it is my final "showing". Dilemmas. You know what, I will peruse the list and if I see something that I really must have, I will get it. Only if it yells my name. I guess that wasn't much of a dilemma at all. Thanks for all your input.

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