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Thursday, January 24, 2008


So... we went to Disneyland on Saturday with my Dad, Step-Mom, and 2/3 of my Step-Siblings. The ladies had a blast. AJ was begging to go on ride after ride after ride. I don't remember the last time I did a theme park on a Saturday. Joke. The lines were unreal. I think we went on like 5 rides. We then mosied on over to California Adventure and it was a ghost town. Is it struggling? The highlight of Bee's trip was the HSM "parade". By parade, I mean single float. Whatever, she was stoked. My only issue was with the man standing next to me. He was, for sure, over 40 and knew all the words to every song they sang. Even worse was the fact that he was not accompanied by a single kid. Creepy.

Well, we got back to Dad's and Bee starts the barfing. Everywhere. Dad, we are staying the night. 1 hour later, iBaby adds to the fun. An hour after that, AJ puts in her 2 cents. So, three kids puking their brains out ALL night long as we sleep over on my Dad's couches. AWESOME. The very worst part about this story is that our dear 6 year old is set to go to her very first concert the following day... yes Mommy & Daddy (actually Santa) came through with 2 tickets to Miss Hannah Montana. Um, she didn't quite make it to the concert. I think I was more upset than her. I was begging her to feel better. Finally like an hour before showtime, I took her temp and felt so horrible for pressuring her (102). I am a bad mom. Boo.

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